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From 26th February to 3rd March 2020

Red Rice Retreat

Return to your inner balance: Body, mind, emotions

Start the year in perfect harmony

Training in the art of Chewing. Living in full presence


With the diet of red rice we provide the body with concentrated Yang energy. You notice a significant improvement very quickly, especially if your diet has been too acidic. Within a few hours the concentration increases, the thoughts are more focused and the mind calms down. As the days pass, you begin to recognize and connect with the vital essence, which flows from the depth of your being. Your body will feel lighter due to detoxification and revitalization of the daily practice.

This experience helps us move our attention from the outside world to the inside.

From 26th February to 3rd March 2020

It is a diet that balances.
It is a chew training.

This is a retreat focused on strengthening your essence, your energy and your physique.
It helps to lose weight or regain weight depend of the unbalance.


  • Accommodation in single or shared room
  • Diet of Red Rice and Gomasio, Japanese teas and soups
  • Detox rituals (exfoliation, tongue cleaning, oil pulling, intestinal cleansing)
  • Yoga, Chikung and Meditation
  • 1 Atzaró integral detox massage
  • Sauna and Hamman
  • A health coach session with Aliwalu
  • Inspirational talks
  • Ink in Motion
  • Art therapy
  • Silent walks and sharing Circles
  • Routine of effective conscious habits to integrate into your daily life.
Not included but recommended
1 Treatment facial Kobido
1 Treatment Moxibustion
1 Pair Biomagnetic Treatment
** Make a reservation at the time of booking the retreat
** All treatments cost € 70.
Other treatments available at the Spa.


Agroturismo Atzaró

A paradise in the heart of Ibiza with all the comforts to enjoy this wonderful process. An oasis for well-being.


Early bird till 6th January 10% discount

7 days Retreat
6 nights
Single Room


    7 days Retreat
    6 nights
    Shared Room


      5 days retreat
      4 nights
      Single Room


        5 days retreat
        4 nights
        Shared Room



          7 days Retreat
          Without accommodation


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          5 days Retreat
          Without accommodation


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          History of the diet of red rice and gomasio. · The intention of the Red Rice diet. · About the ingredients of the retreat and their origin.
          The story goes that when the nuclear impact of Hiroshima, in a humble hospital in the region with hardly anything to eat, patients had every day to eat small bowls with red rice and gomasio which doctors advised to chew for long periods for two reasons, one because there was not much food and another because it was known the benefits of long chewing. The surprise was that after a short time those affected by radiation recovered very well and in contrast to other hospitals that had more resources, the patients in this hospital were the healthiest.
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          Artist, Health coach
          Retreat designer Detox. Creator of the Vital Kitchen method. Inspirational Speaker.
          For me this retreat is one of my best creations .. Especially when I see such spectacular results in human beings.
          Artist, art therapist.
          Art is for me a path of conscience, which connects me with reality, with life. It focuses attention, shows us and makes us reflect on ourselves or aspects of our world. Insight Art is the accompaniment I offer to facilitate an exploration of self inquiry and self-knowledge through creative practices.
          Veteran practicing Vipassana meditation and founder of the Observatory meditation space in Madrid. She is a Certified Facilitator and Trainer of The Work by Byron Katie and Life Coach. Since 2001 he has accompanied hundreds of people in processes of personal and professional transformation teaching the management of tools to free the mind, manage emotions and bring to life more tranquility, clarity, kindness and effectiveness.
          Artist, Chef.
          Artist, Kobido facial Japanese massage teacher.
          Creator of the Ink in Motion method, an event of collective creation from silence and joy.
          Healthy chef specialized in Macrobiotica
          JOAN ROIG
          Pair Biomagnetic Therapist titled by Dr Goiz.
          Co-founder of the Budoka Therapeutic Biomagnetism School.
          Internationally recognized for his work and dedication to the purification of the technique.
          CARLOS NERI
          Chi kung instructor and Moxibustion therapist
          The oriental discipline of Chi Kung is the art of managing energy for later internal martial arts. We use breathing, relaxation and movements (exercises and forms) to recover the trinity of body / mind / spirit, focusing at all times on what is being done and living the present, cultivating serenity and balance (yin / yang ).
          Atzaro Integration Massage
          By loving professionals and with an impeccable technique. Unique Massage by Atzaro, inspired by Swedish, Balinese and Thai techniques.
          His natural condition is that of a pure and free artist and his work, whatever it may be, emits and transmits a vibration of healing peace to those who contemplate it.
          The works made from this awakening are pure energy that releases directly on paper or canvas guided directly from the inside.