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History of the diet of red rice and gomasio

The story goes that when the nuclear impact of Hiroshima, in a humble hospital in the region with hardly anything to eat, patients had every day to eat small bowls with red rice and gomasio which doctors advised to chew for long periods for two reasons, one because there was not much food and another because it was known the benefits of long chewing. The surprise was that after a short time those affected by radiation recovered very well and in contrast to other hospitals that had more resources, the patients in this hospital were the healthiest.

The intention of the Red Rice diet

This mono diet helps us to balance the organism, remineralizing it and providing a rest to the organism for its detoxification and regeneration.
Next we will tell you the quality of the ingredients, where they come from and their benefits.

Effects of red rice on the body:
Red rice is the grain that contains abundantly B vitamins and the easiest to digest. It is beneficial for the nervous system and the brain and is indicated against allergies or imbalances caused by toxicity.
It is a food that helps the body regain its natural balance.
The germ of red rice contains physic acid that helps expel body poisons and prevents the formation of free radicals responsible for oxidative damage that can cause degenerative diseases.

About the ingredients and their origin


Germinated Thai Red Rice

The Rice chosen for the general diet of this retreat.

Sprouted Thai red rice is prepared with a grain of the highest quality of the natural variety of non-glutinous long grain rice. The germination process is carried out before it is husked, and in this way the production of Vitamins, nutrients and amino acids is stimulated. When the nutritional level reaches its maximum, after 24 hours, it vaporizes to capture and thus safeguard all its nutrients, vitamins and amino acids, especially Gamma-Butyric Amino Acid (GABA).

Empower the memory
Stimulates the connections of neurotransmitters in the skin and intestine.
Increase the electricity in the body
Great for the central nervous system

The color red is associated with joy.

Umbra Tiger Rice

Rice chosen for breakfast on the Red Rice diet during this retreat.

This organic red brown rice comes from India and the Vandana Shiva Cooperative. Umbra Tiger brown rice is one of the many types of rare rice due to its particular method of cultivation both in India itself and in the rest of the world, given the difficult geographical and climatic conditions of the growing areas. The energy and spirit that infuses this rice causes it to be called: “Rice of the visionaries”.

Umbra Tiger rice is a strong red rice and comes from the indigenous cooperative Reisbauern of Fundación Navdanya. This exotic variety of rare rice transports the senses to treasures of the past that typify the human experience, and affirm from this rice, that the secret of the small rice core serves to connect original ideas of human life on earth.

The founder of the Foundation, Vandana Shiva, is dedicated to the protection and conservation of original seeds. Encourage farmers to self-determined agriculture, particularly in terms of seed selection. Indian Umbra Tiger is the only red rice from the Navdanya cooperative, which is offered in Europe.

Due to the difficult geographical conditions in the cultivation area and the low yield per hectare, this Indian red flower rice is grown by only a few locals. The low clay content of the soil colours the red-brown grain shell, while the interior of the grain remains white.


The name of the Gomasio comes from the Japanese «Goma» (sesame) and «Sio» (Salt) The ingredients are roasted and milled gently generating an exquisite flavor seasoning.

Effects of gomasio in the body:
The gomasio will neutralize the acidification, consequently relieves fatigue.
It establishes a stable balance in the body, increasing natural immunity.
Strengthens the body and helps prevent discomfort.
A sesame seed provides 6 times more calcium than milk and has 5 times more iron than meat.

It is a remineralizing seasoning for a high concentration of minerals in sesame, such as calcium, iron, magnesium, silica, zinc, copper, chromium.
It helps to have a good blood circulation thanks to its content in omega 3 and omega 6.
It favors the secretion of gastric juices and regulates the intestine, softens the alimentary canal and acts as a mild laxative.
Easy digestibility
It contains a large amount of lecithin, which is a nitrogen phosphorus fat that has the property of helping to make sex hormones, which is why it is a youth factor and an excellent food for the nerves and the brain.
It also helps those who suffer from nervous depression.

Kukicha & Bancha Tea

Has a high concentration of petioles and twigs which makes it a tea with a low content of theine and high in tannins and mineral salts. It is considered a good source of Calcium, Zinc, Selenium, Manganese and Fluorine. It is also rich in vitamins of group B, vitamin C and A. Kukicha is prepared with twigs and Bancha with leaves, but both have wonderful properties for your health, since they give us energy and remineralize us.
It has alkalizing properties, which help us fight the excess acidity caused by poor diet, stress, bad habits, pollution, etc.
Contains a lot is calcium.
It has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects
It has digestive properties
It is a diuretic drink, so it helps us eliminate excess fluids that accumulate in our body.
Its tannin content helps us to disinfect and tone the intestines.
It is an energy drink that helps us in stages of convalescence and to combat problems such as chronic fatigue.
As a home remedy, we can also use the infusion of this tea to make eye wash and treat problems such as conjunctivitis or other eye inflammations.

Miso Soup

ccording to Japanese mythology, miso was a gift that the gods made to humanity to guarantee the health, longevity and happiness of man.

For hundreds of years it has been a staple in oriental food. In itself it is a paste, product of the fermentation of soy beans and salt, but it can also be done by adding other cereals such as rice, barley or wheat inoculated with Koji. This ferment made by hand and traditional unpasteurized, contains live enzymes that favor digestion and colonize the intestines repopulating the intestinal flora. It provides a balance between natural carbohydrates, essential oils, mineral vitamins and proteins.

Abundance of minerals that favor the correct metabolism in the body.
Miso contains linoleic acid and lecithin, which dissolve blood cholesterol and soften veins.
It nourishes the blood promoting cell regeneration, giving vitality to the skin and hair.
It invigorates, since miso contains huge amounts of glucose that gives us energy.
In cancer treatments it helps to discharge radiation from the body.
Miso soup with kombu seaweed helps in the treatment of heavy metal detoxification.
To neutralize poisons in the body.
For the detoxification of tobacco or alcohol
And many more benefits that would make a list too long.

All the ingredients we use in this diet are organically grown and cooked with the most appropriate techniques for their greatest benefit.