INMERSION Yoga Reset Retreat

From 25 to 29 OCTOBER 2017


Detox Program, Mini Habits Kit, Vinyasa Yoga Classes, 1 Massage, 1 Energy Alignment, Meditation, Pranayana, Vital Cooking Course Level 1, Silent Walks, Adventures in the Sea, Massage of Sound, Circles of Sharing. Airport transfers, Shared room.
Develop a high sense of awareness about your needs. Improves concentration and clarity of mind. It recovers the natural state of peace and happiness.
Understand and re-educate compulsive eating habits. And greatly increase energy and enthusiasm for life!

4 days designed in the practice of mini conscious habits to integrate in our day to day and focus on eliminating toxins and nourishing our body.
Opportunity for two daily Hatha / Vinyasa Yoga practices, morning and afternoon to immerse yourself deep in your body.
A Detox Revitalizing Retreat to learn and integrate what nourishes us and the technical and creative bases for preparing delicious Vital Food.
An opportunity to regain communication with the subtle messages of our body and to reprogram our thoughts towards full health.


We use alignment based Hatha/Vinyasa Yoga style, offering creative sequences and intelligent anatomical alignment. Flowing at an un-rushed speed to allow the development of strength and exploration of depth.
By playing around with arm balances and inversions we refine our edge, we root ourselves deeper. We focus on different Energy Channels and Chakras, creating more mindfulness.
As we breathe, move and focus, we come into a meditative state creating inner-space and peace, discovering other dimensions and sides of ourselves. This process widens and expands our consciousness, so we can connect in a subtler way to more refine energies and to our inner healer.

Kevin Frowein

Raised in Spain with a spiritual education, passionned about Yoga and open hearted. Kevin enjoys sharing and inspiring others around Yoga, Spirituality, Qi-Gong, Meditation…
Introduced to Hatha Yoga in India and Vinyasa in Bali, exploring the different practices in TriYoga London for few years.
Kevin becomes a certified Yoga Alliance RYT-200 teacher in Ashtanga Yoga, and from there starts to explore deeper different angles and mechanics of the Asanas.
Energetic, curious and involved (almost like an activist could be), he offers you to come on a journey to travel within.

Single Room




Shared Room




Health Coach by IIN Integrative Nutrition Institute NY Certified in Raw Nutrition by David Wolfe, Body Mind Institute Founder of Zenses, the Art of Living Consciously Alchemist chef at Eco Gourmet Alkaline Medicinal Cuisine Master of NLP, yoga teacher from Sivananda School.
Aliwalu is a food alchemist, artist, yoga teacher and tango dancer. . She has over 25 years of experience in creating contemporary art events. Macrobiotics, ayurveda & raw-vegan cuisine are her expertise. She works with a team of highly professional and loving experts.


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