Learn all you need to know to create your Vital Kitchen

33h of top selected and well organize and comprehensive, practical information, very easy to understand to activate your life immediately.

The world of haute cuisine is finally opening up to the trend of clean and healthy cuisine. Be among the first to be part of this change. Receiving the education needed to take off with wisdom, style and freedom in this direction is a vital choice. If you want to apply it in your life and integrate it into your family, it is a very wise and expansive choice. If you want to be part of a community of chefs transforming conventional kitchens into healthy Vital kitchens, sign up.

Betting on a life free of chemicals and agents harmful to life.

Be part of the change for the better in our society.

Make your kitchen the heart of your home.
Learn to be very practical and enjoy preparing your food for the whole week.
Expand your creativity based on ancient methods and traditions to recall what really
Vitalize your health and the health of your family, by preparing delicious dishes to
strengthen the immune system.
Get prepare to be as self-sufficient as possible.
Get ready to share your knowledge and teach others how to do it.



September 21 to November 25

Doing this course certifies you by the creator of the Vital cuisine method, that you have completed the level 1 of vital cuisine and you are prepared to teach others and to offer services to third parties under the concept of Vital Cuisine by Aliwalu.

    • To understand what health is and how the body works.
    • The importance and cycles of detoxification.
    • To handle your own cleaning sequences.
    • To introduce foods that tone and improve your health.
    • To be consistent with what you know and do.
    • To re-design your kitchen and teach others how to do it.
    • To go shopping using common sense.
    • You will learn how to manage waste, clean without chemicals, to choose the right
      machinery and utensils, such as rearranging spaces, basic ingredients. etc.
    • You will create your oils, salts, sweeteners, vinegars, design of spices.
    • You will create your 100% vegan milks, yogurts, cheeses and creams.
    • You will design amazing sauces and probiotics dressings.
    • We will dive into the art of preserving and packaging food.
    • The world and art of making pates, marinades, unique pesto and spreads.
    •  Delicious healing drinks.
    •  The use of essential oils in the kitchen.
    •  The use plant tinctures in your dressings.
    •  The universe of the seaweed as the best Aly.
    •  Prepare very tasty and creative traditional ferments.
    • Germinate all kinds of seeds.
    • Use grains and legumes in a completely new way.
    • Superfoods and their uses in the kitchen, Amazing!!!
    • Plated and how to create elegant and surprising tables. Art on the table.
    • Unleash your creativity.
    • Create your mini garden at home.
    • Learn to design anti-inflammatory menus from the vital kitchen.
    • Shopping lists.
    • Custom made menu design.
    • Weekly menu based on vital cooking techniques and bases.


September 21 to November 25

  • 60 days so you can integrate it into your life the habits in a simple and permanent way.
  • The modules will be delivered weekly.
  • You can do it at your own pace, but weekly during 9 weeks we will be very closely.
  • The course will be on line for you to revisit other 3 months.
  • Weekly live session for the group during the course every Saturday 5pm Spain time.
  • Online doubt resolution.
  • Social media Community platform to share our progress with other students.
  • Job opportunity as a vital chef in our growing community of demand for knowledge in this area.
  • I invited 16 leading experts from the world of health and healthy cooking to give lectures and practical workshops.
    I invited them in this course to give you a broad perspective on visions, creativity and potentialities from multiple angles on the same path

You don’t need to know how to cook to attend this course.

Be a light that shines and inspires others.

The value of the course is 1369 euros
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Because now more than ever you have to know how to take care of yourself and
have basic, easy and advanced information so that nothing contaminates you.

First online training in vital cuisine.

Vital Cuisine Certificate.2020

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A la compra de este curso tienes acceso para dos personas.

Lo puedes tomar junto con otra persona para que sea más empático para tí y te sientas acompañada. Compártelo con las personas que te ayudan en la cocina, o con algún miembro de tu familia o amigos.

Be part of the change and remenber that
The true Revolution start in the kitchen

Recuerda que, desde la simplicidad, vas a abrirte a un universo infinito de posibilidades y a saber cómo dirigir tu propia vida organizando, de manera amorosa y sabia, todo lo que entra en tu cuerpo y el de las personas que amas. Vas a poder ayudar a otros y, quien sabe, hasta puedes hacer de esta decisión tu nueva profesión.

Because now more than ever you have to know
how to take care of yourself and have basic,
easy and advanced information so that
nothing contaminates you.
First online training in vital cuisine.