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AMA es un proyecto en Paris donde se une la espiritualidad, la cultura y el arte de disfrutar relajadamente de la musica y la comida vital.
El alma de AMA wabisabi.
La cocina pretende recuperar ingredientes ancestrales y trasladarlos a la mesa con un toque sofisticado y sabroso.

My collaboration with Aliwalu has been nothing else than extraordinary. Aliwalu has such a passion for vital kitchen concept and she is so creative in her dishes. She was able to train my kitchen team that had no knowledge about healthy food to a team that is now passionate about healthy food and who have now all foundations to create a healthy menu and dishes. I wish Aliwalu all the best and a big thank you for everything that she has done for us.</p> <p>During 25-years working luxury hotels & travel in Asia and Australia, I’ve seen training by nutritionists and the work of food-stylists, but never before met one Chef with such a superior understanding of these disciplines individually, let alone both of them together. The passion Aliwalú holds for her work is clear. Her ability to pass-on techniques is outstanding, from a wonderful ability to engage with students in a highly-professional yet humble manner.
Stuart Gemmell
The Purist Villas General Manager